Acupressure Number Therapy Book

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Product Description

Acupressure Number Therapy Book is a complete guide for any layman. It familiarizes the readers with the basics and detailed techniques of the acupressure treatment therapy with numbers.

Acupressure is an extremely old science that treats disorders by using the pressure points in relation to different organs and parts of the body.

Numbers are an integral part of our lives right from the time we are born. The numbers have an important impact on every sphere of our life.

Acupressure uses the numerical power of every number in relation to the pressure points of the concerned part of the body.

Once the users acquire the knowledge from this book, it will help to enhance mental, emotional, and physicalhealth.

Various ailments, pains, and mental disorders can be treated with this magical Acupressure number therapeutic treatment.

The book is available to order online for the benefit of the users. Get the book at the extremely.

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